FRI  2/12 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY HOSTILE


w/ 🎩🧛🔪 vs 🎩 (A Nonabrasive Lachrymal Limper vs. Nicolln)

If Lincoln’s age was degrees Fahrenheit he would almost be able to boil water! Next year buddy!! In the meantime happy 211th birthday bud!! Let’s celebrate the tall boy and kick off this February drive in right, with a classic MoHA thunder dome!! We’ve got two Lincoln bio pics going head to head. One won academy awards! In the other he fucking hunts vampires!!! Who will survive… the thunderdome!?!!!

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SAT  2/13 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY HOSTILE

Tonight We Valentine in Hell! or The Love of My Knife

w/ 🧛 (Alabaster’s Cork Drum)

Hell yeah it’s Saturday the 13th, Valentine’s eve!! A spooky number, a romantic weekend, and a dynamite evening! We had so much fun doing our campfire stories night in December that we’re bringing it back… with a twist!! This time it’s not just scary! Circle your car up around our fire and use the provided, freshly sanitized, walkie talkie to tell your 5 minute or less tale!! This time you can pick or write a story that is scary OR romantic! ORRRRR if you’re more of an off the cuff kinda person you can pick a vampire movie you have never seen and try to explain the plot of it! We’re covering all our bases! But why would we need to cover a vampire base you ask!?! Well, cause we’re showing perhaps the ultimate vampire film! It’s based on the ultimate vampire book at least! As I was typing this I just remembered Keanu is in this movie wow I can’t wait!!

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SUN  2/14 | 7PM | $15-20 | FOR LOVERS



It’s the big day and the most romantic place on earth is the MoHA parking lot! The good news is… you’re invited 🙂 Join us for a 90 minute date odyssey! It’ll work best if you have a friend(s) or lover(s) in the car with you but you can also phone someone or call Zac’s mom! (A true and real offer she loves to chat!) Together you’ll go on a spiritual journey through iconic movie rom com moments, soul elevating questions, unreal prompts, real hand holding, film recreation, and exquisite rejuvenation. We don’t want to give too much away but it’ll be really fun and silly and sincere! The perfect date for an imperfect year!

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TUE  2/16 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY HOSTILE


w/ 💅✈️ (Trip Girls)

Shrove Tuesday more like Drove to MoHA Tuesday!!! It’s the cool night of gluttony before we all go into that sweet, sweet, lent abstention! And what better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than the return of our hallowed snack competition! This time the rules are that we ransacked an Outback Steakhouse and have declared it an autonomous zone and there are no rules!!! We want to see your most fucked, your utterly inane, your sins against God and man snacks. We’re talking snacks so cruelly delicious that you’ll be begging for lent to start. As usual only you will get to eat your snacks and I am begging you to make us all very jealous. Awards will be given out for strangest, most maddening, most heroic, most sublime, best use of a sea creature, and many more snacks. I’m in the snackden of good and evil over here! Fish stick around cause then everyone’s gonna called their oldest friends for a few minutes! If you don’t have an oldest friend, as always, Zac’s mom is available to chat! Sure it’s very cool to talk to your friends but why tonight??! Cause we’re watching a really wonderful girl group young friends all grown up vacation movie, set in and around Mardi Gras!! It’s got Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett (Always thought it was Pickett!), Tiffany Haddish, and Regina Hall. A true fact this movie had to pay a giant carbon tax to the state of Louisiana on account of the gratuitous amount of star power it used!!

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WED  2/17 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13)


w/ 👨‍🎨🔣 + 👼👼👼&👿👿👿 (He Vindicate Cod + Dangled Son Names)

Have you been just nonstop sinning in quarantine? Can’t go to church to get right with The Lord for fear of catching the big C? Cancel your Venmo to The Pope asap: you don’t need indulgences! We’ve got you covered with the world’s first ever, Covid safe, confessional experience! Simply drive into our (patent pending) Carfessional, confess you, your group, or your cars, sins to Zac and I, we’ll have you do some Car Hail Mary’s or something and boom, you and The Good Lord are even! But not for long!! Cause within minutes you’ll be lusting after Tom Hank’s hot mind, as you watch him solve a number of ancient puzzles and take down corruption in the Catholic Church from the inside!! That’s right we’re watching both of those Dan Brown books turned Ron Howard movies! (There are actually 3 of them but the 3rd isn’t about The Catholic Church it’s about a deadly virus that could create a global pandemic and Tom Hank’s is one of the first people to get the virus and uh… a bit too close to home 😳) We’re doing Princess Switch rules!! We start both movies simultaneously! When you text Zac “Sin” he switches from one movie to the other, creating a new movie, which is pieces of each movie!! How many ancient texts, hidden tombs, and self-flagellations can we handle?! Let’s find out!!

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THUR  2/18 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY HOSTILE 


w/ ♾️🤔 (Lactate Roll)

Tonight we celebrate one of our oldest friends! Mars! Throughout your life they showed up! They made the effort! Tonight we give something back!! The Perseverance Rover has been absolutely slamming its way towards Mars, covering 292.5 million miles in the past seven months!! Tonight it touches down, and we’ll be rooting it on!! To celebrate we’ve got a special as heck game / activity. Edan and Maggie, powerhouse champions from last year’s drive-in, are bringing their Perseverance Mazda Rover to MoHA and will be exploring our very own red planet, the MoHA side parking lot! We’ll be projecting a livestream of their journey and y’all will be directing their research and discovery from your car!! That’s right, via freshly sanitized walkie talkie, you the audience call the shots! Will you find evidence of water? Ancient microbes? Alien life??!?! Find out on Thursday!!! Stick around cause afterwards we’re watching the very best movie about Mars, you know the one… it’s got the governor in it 😉

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FRI  2/19 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY HOSTILE-ISH


w/ 🧙‍♂️💍 & 👽 & 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐀 &🐶😥🥋 (Screen 1: Heftier Stronghold, Screen 2: I Lean, Screen 3: Negate Nutmeat: Annul Jitters + Wick John)

No MoHA drive-in would be complete without a night that pushes the outer limits of its host’s sanity, and so the MoHA all-night marathon is back!! This time we’re doing 3 screens showing massive movie franchises!! On one screen we got those good hobbit boys trying to find a volcano (extended editions 😉), on the other we’ve got those movies where it’s always a big nasty alien fighting a brunette who is often Sigourney Weaver but not always (we’re showing these in chronological order starting with the one that’s named after the guy who stole fire from the Gods. I just googled what that guy did I get why they called the movie that!), and on the final screen we’re showing two beloved trilogies! The first is a 90’s franchise about turtles doing karate and eating pizza, the second is about Keanu Reeves doing fighting and eating probably those gold coins they use for everything! “Whoa dog! Starting with the movie first and not mentioning the activity until now?? What gives Neil?” Keeping you on your toes reader! The activity is cool but I think makes more sense within the longness of the movies! It’s finish that thing night!! If you have a Covid project you’ve been slacking off on, bring it to work on in your car throughout the night! I’m talking anything! Your crochet masterpiece, your screenplay, your 2020 tax return, the perfect over easy egg! We are here for it and support you! We’ll be checking in on people’s projects every few hours whenever it feels like an okay time to pause all 3 movies!

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SAT  2/20 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13)

Dancin’ in MoHAlight

w/ ​💩​💃​💃​ + 👣🕺⛪(Did Granny Tic? + Toe of Solo)

This one concocts within me the perfect mixture of enthusiasm and future joy, with just a dash of concern that it is too ambitious and might be a train wreck 😉 It’s dance night at MoHA! To celebrate we’re taking over the entire parking lot to do possibly the first ever, in car, country line dance!! Drive your car 10 feet forward, 10 feet back, dosey doe your car idk I’m still figuring all the steps! Every car will have lots of space so as long as you don’t have one of those cars from the 2000’s that was accelerating instead of braking (idk it was a whole big deal and they did a huge recall but I can’t find it on google!) you’re not gonna hit anyone 🙂 No back up cam required! Then we’re gonna watch two of the best movies about dancing!! One of them is about unclean dancing the other is about your feet falling off I guess?

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SUN  2/21 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY HOSTILE


w/ ​➖✂️ 💎💎 + 👍⌚ vs 🌎🌍🌏 (Cute Gun, Ms + Good Item Vs. Teal Panther)

It’s stressful v. sublime, terror v. tranquility, anxiety v. acquiescence! It’s the Sadfie’s brother’s last two movies vs / plus?? David Attenborough’s award winning nature documentary series! Each projected on it’s own screen with the audio of each available on different radio stations! It’s a choose your own adventure kind of night! Chill out or die trying! Live on the edge or perish relaxing!!? These things really make me feel opposite ways; let’s see if tonight ties each side of my brain to a horse and pulls my mind apart!

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TUE  2/23 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


w/ ​🏠↩️(Who Mourned Bad?)

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! In celebration of National Spay Day it’s the return of Just Me and My Animal Friend!!! Bring your fury, scaly, shelled, or other friend IRL or digitally to show them off!! We’ll project an in car livestream or whatever pictures and videos you send Zac while you tell us all about your personal person’s best friend over your freshly sanitized walkie talkie! Awards will be given out to all animal friends!!!! We would love to see your bud in person but keep in mind they gotta stay in the car until you leave!! Then we’re gonna watch one of the all time best animal friend movies! About animal friends who are traveling! Animal Friends on the move!! Transcontinental Animal Friends!!

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WED  2/24 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


w/ ​🔍

Just can’t tell you how pumped I am for this one! An idea that’s been brewing for year but we only just now figured out how best to do it!! We’re gonna play the boardgame Clue! Don’t worry you’ll be safely in your cars! I’ll explain when you get here! All you need to do is come dressed up as your favorite Clue character! You can also make up your own Clue character really the only requirement is that you be really into one color! If we end up with 3 Miss Scarlet’s that’s fine! I know what you’re thinking: “But if I win, will I get a certificate?” And dog, the answer is yes!! Then we’re gonna watch a movie lol I wonder what movie it could be 🤔

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THUR  2/25 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


w/ ​4️⃣👉🤔 (Riotise Racoon Foundry)

Wow tonight it’s truly Hamandemonium! We’re celebrating Purim! We’re bringing in some friends and scholars to give us the down low on how this holiday go! After we learn a bunch of shit we’re gonna do the traditional blotting out of Haman’s name (he is a bad dude who tried to kill everyone) except we’re going to crash a car into a giant cardboard statue of Haman. Bud, that’s gonna be so cool! Then we’re gonna watch a fantastic Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy movie about a bunch of people trying to make a movie about Purim! Sweet!

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FRI  2/26 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


w/ ​🏞️(👑🥇🔱) + 🏞️(👑🥇🔱)✖️2️⃣ (Senior Tarantulae + Foot?! Beer Socks!)

We’re taking Monday’s off this time which means we missed President’s Day but we really wanted to show you those sick Nic Cage movies where he just goes hog wild on our nation’s beloved artifacts, kidnaps the president, and Scrooge McDuck dives into a bunch of treasure! So we’re doing it tonight! In keeping with the theme of the movies you’ll be going on your own in-car treasure / scavenger hunt. This is an activity that rewards cluttered cars, and I would honestly recommend you fill your car with as much stupid shit as you can pull out of your home and bring to MoHA! The more stuff the better! Truly like show up with a car filled with moon rocks or carnivorous plants or something!

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SAT  2/27 | 6:30PM | $22 or $27 (w/snack pack) | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13) 


w/👑🌲🐺 (Oops onscreen mink)

The Association for the Advancement of Aware Arts and Action is happy to collaborate with MoHA to present a Drive-In Movie Evening on February 27th at 6:30 pm. AAAAA is a local association of artists and dreamers dedicated to experimental approaches to living. The group formed in early 2020 and has recently purchased a plot of land for sustainable farming and artistic expression. Through this drive-in, AAAAA is hoping to raise money to begin development on a plot of land they have recently purchased. Come hang out with AAAAA and watch an old childhood favorite! Have a good time for a good cause.

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SUN  2/28 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


w/ ​🐻2️⃣ (At Ding Pond 2)

Wow! Another trip around the sun! Yes it’s New Years for those of us who align our calendars to Hugh Grant’s birthday!! To celebrate we’re doing a Hugh Grant trivia gameshow called What’s It To Hugh? If you’ve just woken up after fainting from reading the previous sentence I apologize, I should have warned you, but get ready for the faint part 2 cause guess what, the winner gets to FaceTime to with Hugh Grant (Zac has insisted that I tell you it is not the real Hugh Grant! It is my friend Haley in a wig and it is actually her birthday!) and personally sing him happy birthday!! An unfathomable honor!!! Then we’re gonna watch the best Hugh Grant movie which is just the best movie about the best bear doing his cute bear thing and going to the worst jail!

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TUE  3/2 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY



Alright it’s Texas Independence Day and we’re gonna have a few people way smarter than me talk about what that means with in the context of like, everything. And then we’re gonna slam our way through a killer smorgasbord of Texan media including the bio pic about the beloved pop singer expertly portrayed by Jennifer Lopez, the Mike Judge cartoon about the propane man, an episode of the of the big Friday football show, and hopefully something by Robert Rodriguez I’m really hoping he has directed something short!! Somewhere in there we’re bound to throw in some Tuesday night caraoke! Texas tracks only!!!!

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WED  3/3 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


w/ ​🤪 ⏭️⛈️🏟️ vs 🐖➡️🌆 (Muddy Batman Hexed Doormen vs. Epic Tithing, Abbey!)

It’s George Miller’s birthday and it all comes full circle! Our final thunderdome of this series, the titular thunderdome!! See George Miller’s classic road warrior, Tina Turner infused, fever dream go up against Miller’s classic pig moves to city romp! Both our sequels, neither are fleequels. Who will survive… The Thunderdome!!

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THUR  3/4 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13)


w/ ​👽🚀🗽🇺🇸 (Epic Deed, Nanny Ed!)

It’s speech night baby!! In celebration of National Grammar Day we’re hosting our first ever Speech Karaoke night!! That’s right, pick the pieces of your broken brain off the fucking floor and then check it out! It’s like karaoke but instead of all our favorite songs, it’s all of our favorite speeches from movies! You text Zac a youtube link to the speech you want to do, we project it with the audio muted and the subtitles on and you give the speech through your freshly sanitized walkie talkie! You could throw down your best Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator repenting speech, channel that Henry V energy and do the William Wallace Braveheart one while pretending you’ve got a cool horse to giddyup, or do like, literally any sports movie halftime locker room rally speech! Then we’re gonna watch the extremely good Will Smith / Jeff Goldblum alien movie and when the president does THE speech we’ll all do it together!!

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FRI  3/5 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13)


w/ ​😠👩‍❤️‍👩 (Malingers)

Oooo baby it’s World Math’s Day!!!!! And you know where we are?!? On the dang world so you know we simply must celebrate!!! Join us for our first ever MoHA Math Olympiad!!! This won’t be no Good Will Hunting giant equation solve for what the heck type thing!! We’re exploring all areas of math and everything that it seems math could be!!! It won’t be that hard it will be fun as hell and there will be certificates for Gold, Silver, and Math Bronze!! Then we’re gonna watch a really sweet and wonderful movie about Lindsay Lohan doing math and Rachel McAdams doing actually I can’t remember her deal in this movie I just think she’s wonderful so I wanted to mention she’s in it too!!

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SAT  3/6 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


w/ 🕘to🕔 + ​💼​📈​👧🏻​(Finite Oven + Growling Irk)

Parting is such sweet sorrow unless it’s fun as hell which it freaking is gonna be!!! Our last night together for this round so you know what that means!!! It’s Car Drag 2, dog!!!!! Decorate / transform your car into any other kind of vehicle, anything that moves, or really any object, and strut your stuff down our big runway!! It’s the drag so nice we’re doing it twice with the following very good addition: Pre-show vanity photos! Show up early (Like 6:15) and pull up to our beautiful sequined backdrop for a very cool in car photoshoot! We’ll email you your pictures!! It’s the last night and it’s Employee Appreciation day, so stick around for a wondrous double feature about women working for certain hours!! Up first we got Dolly Parton doing her thing in the movie that’s title is mostly numbers! Then I feel like we’ll probably do Caraoke for a second? Up last we got Sigourney Weaver vs. Melanie Griffith in a battle to see who can become Harrison Ford I think tbh it’s been a while!! Dang that’s a night y’all!!! We’ll see you next time!! Which is probably very soon! Zac will be here but I’ll be back in TN! I miss you already!!

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WED  6/9 | 9PM | $20 | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13)


Presented by Kuniklo

Join us for a screening of the collective video works of Kuniklo and the world premiere of our new collection of short films, Kvar.

KUNIKLO is mutating, cross cultural collective, formed in 2015. Our practice centers around themes of nature, queer sexuality, and investigations into literary/philosophical theory. We mesh our particular specialties into a dense art practice, using painting, sculpture, puppetry, costume design, video art and music to create other-worldly, multidimensional environments.

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THUR  6/10 | 9PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE


Presented by Ruido/Noise

Ruido/Noise presents “The Rhymin’ Drive-In,” where hip-hop music meets foreign language films. With your hosts – musician/educator Deaven Bean and director of Ruido/Noise Jay Roff-Garcia. We choose a stellar film to pair with a scrumptous local hip-hop performance, including some choice edits and fun inclusions for the feature film.

Music: Black Davinci
Film: Five Deadly Venoms (Hong Kong)

Ruido/Noise is a platform for artists working in sound art, as well as facilitating spaces for them to present their work. Sound art is interdisciplinary by nature, in many ways it manifests itself in a hybrid form, our programming seeks to expand the field by providing opportunities for collaborations and experimentation.

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FRI  6/11 | 9PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE


Come hang out with Brown Girl Collective at MoHA! It’s fun in the summer, from inside our cars, because eww it’s hot and germs are gross. We’ll warm up for the night by screening some short films made by creatives in our collective and friends in the community. We’ll also play a game, but the particular game hasn’t been decided yet, so it’ll be a surprise! Then, we’ll screen a summery feature film, best described as Scooby Doo meets David Lynch, or Monster House on acid-–with 70’s floral themes!

Brown Girl Collective is a local organization of young adults supporting brown girls, non-binary folx, and femmes in their creative endeavors through community outreach. Check our instagram @browngirlcollective.atx !!

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SAT  6/12 | 9PM | Free | FAMILY FRIENDLY

Creative Action Youth Cinema Collective Spring Screening

Presented by Creative Action

Join us for a fun evening at the unique drive in experience at the Museum of Human Achievement. Creative Action presents a series of short films created by the members of the Youth Cinema Collective in their spring semester. Their work has been featured in local and national film festivals. This event marks the culmination of their work for the 2020-2021 year! Come out and celebrate with us!

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WED  6/16 | 9PM | $5 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


Presented by St Edwards

The St. Edward’s University acting class of 2021 presents a short-film anthology that explores the different subgenres of horror. Come to see witches, zombies, and ghosts! It may not be October, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be a little spooky. Come join us for a viewing hosted by two of the student fiImmakers!

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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