This is a series of drive-in movies and in-car activities at The Museum of Human Achievement.
Our Mission | An Enjoyable Community Cinematic Experience.

Guests can attend in their car or on a reserved 12′ x 4′ wooden platform outside. Screenings will be broadcast via a radio station for movie audio and guests will be provided with a walkie talkie for optional socializing.

If you find anything about this programming confusing please reach out via email and we will talk to you! Info at the museumofhumanachievement.com

If you want to present something or rent the drive-in for your friends, click here to inquire.


Keeping everyone safe and healthy while trying to create small moments of joy, community and coming together is our highest priority. Here are the rules we’ve made for ourselves and any attendee.

⚀ Audience members will remain either in their vehicle or on their assigned wooden platform throughout the event.

⚁ No tickets sales will be available at the door.

You can reach out to ask for more information via email – info at themuseumofhumanachievement.com



FRI  6/18 | 9PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE

FART Pt 2: The Squeakquel: Secret of the Ooze

Presented by Cindy Popp

FART Pt 2 is the long-anticipated follow up to FART: The Motion Picture (https://www.cindy-popp.com/merch/fart), a feature-length video mix tape. FART Pt 2 shares the same disjointed spirit, shlock value, crapster sensibility with all-new selections culled exclusively from VHS tapes. The video equivalent of throwing a cream pie against a freshly painted wall, viewer beware: none of this will make sense and much of it will be anti-pleasurable but hopefully the shared experience will lead to something fun and, as Bonnie Raitt says, will give ya “something to talk about”!

Cindy Popp is a visual artist, clown about town, and physical media enthusiast. She was born in Austin, grew up on a semi-truck, and now spends her time watching movies with her husband Bill and their cat, Nacho.

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THUR  6/24 | 9PM | $20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY

Chess but Better (or Worse)

Presented by Fantastic Arcade

Ole’ boring chess, who even likes it? Time to reinvent this beloved classic by making it way better…

well…. on the other hand, this whole Chess thing really has a “being good” problem and it’s high time that a bunch of people made way worse versions of chess or the idea of chess.

This event is a showcase of time-based media that considers “what is chess but better (or worse)” as part of Fantastic Arcade’s Media Jam #2 (you can still submit here!). All submissions will be played live at the event as well as streamed on Fantastic Arcade’s twitch page.

Fantastic Arcade’s mission is to celebrate, amplify and support the unique and underrepresented within indie games and beyond.

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FRI  6/25 & SAT 6/26 | 9PM | $20 | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13)


Presented by In Situ Artisan Collective

Inspired by the Guelaguetza, Encuentro ATX is a conglomeration of mini-events, both virtual and in-person. Encuentro ATX celebrates indigenous voices through their art, activism, or re-interpretation of ancestral teachings. Events include film screenings (w/ Q&A), dance and musical performances, art gallery, outdoor market, workshops and more.

Friday 6/25 Films

8:30pm – Kacia Florez (NYC) original songs based on her Colombian and Ecuadorian roots using Andean rhythms.

9:15 pm – Noche de Cine Film Screening curated by Mar Gonzalez and Nico Garcia. A collection of seven films and video performances by local filmmakers and artists that explore identity, culture, and place. To see the full program: https://www.artesaniasinsitu.net/encuentroatxnochedecine

  • Sharon Arteaga – When You Clean A Strangers Home
  • Andres Garza – Los Dioses de Maiz
  • Maria Luisa Santos – Ter
  • Devin Alejandro Wilder – Limpia (Performance)
  • C. Diaz – Échale Sávila, Quien Bien Ama Nunca Olvida
  • Cristina Gonzalez – Suffocate
  • Jose Villalobos – El Amor Y Su Entierro
  • Caitlin Diaz – Quien Bien Ama Nunca Olvida

Saturday 6/26 Films

8pm – manuela agudelo (nyc) solo performance

8:30pm – kaleidospace (nyc) gracias a la vida collaborative performance

9pm – lukas avendano “utopia de la mariposa” documentary film screening and live q&a

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THUR  7/1 | 9PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE


Presented by Ruido/Noise

Ruido/Noise presents “The Rhymin’ Drive-In,” where hip-hop music meets foreign language films. With your hosts – musician/educator Deaven Bean and director of Ruido/Noise Jay Roff-Garcia. We choose a stellar film to pair with a scrumptous local hip-hop performance, including some choice edits and fun inclusions for the feature film.

Music: Tåsi
Film: Hermano (Venezuela)

Ruido/Noise is a platform for artists working in sound art, as well as facilitating spaces for them to present their work. Sound art is interdisciplinary by nature, in many ways it manifests itself in a hybrid form, our programming seeks to expand the field by providing opportunities for collaborations and experimentation.

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Fri  7/2 & Sat 7/3 | 9PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE

A Merry Date (and Smashly)!

Presented by Andie Flores

It’s back-to-back twinning weekends! Join us for what’s sure to be a merry date–and smashly! On July 3rd, we’ll jetset with the girls as they find love in the pee-stained streets of Pari (Attitude, attitude! Always attitude!) and then are thrust into the witness protection program and forced to relocate Down Under, where they also find love. If you’re from Urugli, you won’t wanna miss it! And even if you’re not, on July 10th, You’re Invited to The Case of the clip show: a mish mash of the best straight-to-VHS capers from the tiny lil tots. Goo goo ga ga, put these babies to WORK already. Let’s party with the fraternal queens of capitalism! Bring your old ass husband! Drink a giant cup of Starbucks! Put your little brother up for sale! Prior knowledge of MK ultrA not required but always celebrated. You got it, dude. If it’s up to me, you’ll R-S-V-pee!

andie flores is an idiot. She’s also a writer, performance artist, comedian, and doctoral student. She used to be more of a Mary-Kate than an Ashley, but now she’s found that she no longer relates to white women in that way.

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SAT  7/4 | 9PM | $20 | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13)

PWR Video Movies Presents: Legend’s of Wrestle (sic)

Presented by Party World Rasslin’

Mush-mouthed monomania and weaponized furniture — that’s wrestling. What else is wrestling? Wrestling is the only real sport. It’s not just humans smacking into each other (thought that happens — a lot). It’s a live exhibition of naked, clashing spirits! Watch meatheads with no business holding a microphone scream their souls bare, and give them your heart. Feel the power of a humble artform that’s been around for longer than rock music. Become enchanted by the heroics, skullduggery, and utter mayhem. Discover a need you never knew you had! Party World Rasslin’s Commissioner Chris Monica presents matches and interviews designed to give a broad overview of the Glory of Pro Wrestling. Hysterical, exciting, raw, and life-changing, wrestling is really fun to watch with friends. See more sweat on human bodies then you thought possible and drink deep of some cask-strength glowering. Thrill to surprising athletics and – most importantly – experience some weird, indescribable moments will be with you long after the event has ended.

Party World Rasslin’ (PWR) is a giant psychedelic party about wrestling that is also, itself, a wrestling league. Our shows have grown since 2014 from small backyard parties for technoburnouts and noise-freaks into giant free warehouse megaspectaculars shaped by our roots in DIY movements across Texas. We love wrestling—we think it’s a perfect thing—and hope you can too.

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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