This is a series of drive-in movies and in-car activities at The Museum of Human Achievement.
Our Mission | An Enjoyable Community Cinematic Experience.

Guests can attend in their car or on a reserved 12′ x 4′ wooden platform outside. Screenings will be broadcast via a radio station for movie audio and guests will be provided with a walkie talkie for optional socializing.

If you find anything about this programming confusing please reach out via email and we will talk to you! Info at the museumofhumanachievement.com

If you want to present something or rent the drive-in for your friends, click here to inquire.


Keeping everyone safe and healthy while trying to create small moments of joy, community and coming together is our highest priority. Here are the rules we’ve made for ourselves and any attendee.

⚀ Audience members will remain either in their vehicle or on their assigned wooden platform throughout the event.

⚁ No tickets sales will be available at the door.

You can reach out to ask for more information via email – info at themuseumofhumanachievement.com


FRI  10/8 | 8PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE (R)

Primrock the Block

Presented by and for Primrose Harm Reduction

How many tough kids does it take to bring down a scary alien? Can British people defend earth? All this and more will be explored and answered in 88 minutes of non-stop intergalactic action!

Primrose Harm Reduction is a non-hierarchical collective acting as a safe injection supply chain and educational resource for unhoused people. Since June 2020 they have expanded to several camps in central and south Austin, with the focus of providing harm reduction supplies, wound care and support to our neighbors.

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SAT  10/9 | 8PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE (R)


Presented by Cindy Popp for Future Front Texas

AKA “What’s your favorite scary movie?” AKA “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment” AKA “How many Culkins are there!” Are you ready for 6.9 (nice) hours of Ghostface terrorizing Sydney Prescott? Are you prepared to go on a journey with Courteney Cox’s hair stylist? Can you believe how many fucking people are in these movies? If you are a die-hard slasher fan or are just looking for a way to kick off Spooky Season, join us in a marathon screening of all four movies benefitting Future Front Texas–the top-rated nonprofit of Woodsboro High!

Cindy Popp understands that there are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. Future Front Texas is a 501c3 nonprofit, homegrown in Austin, Texas. We started as a grassroots meet-up series called Boss Babes ATX (bbatx) in 2015. We are run by a four-person staff and a network of amazing volunteers, each committed to cultivating spaces where women and queer creatives, founders and leaders can grow together.

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THU  10/21 | 8PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE (R)

Out Of The Closet And Into The Sheets presented by FFTWINZ

Presented by FFTWINZ for RAICES

Nightmare on Elm Street 2- Freddy’s Revenge

Made in 1985, before being gay was sponsored by Bank Of America, this movie is gay shame at its finest. This sequel was based on Wes Craven’s, Nightmare on Elm Street. Wes was against the sequel idea, so they showed his ass and made the gayest horror movie ever. There will be a sick pre-show and lots of slow motion jump roping by tiny children singing nursery rhymes.

Beth Schindler and Lex Vaughn aka FFTWINz are artists and lez clowns, who make fun and bring an obnoxious, yet endearing little brother vibe everywhere they go. They will be joined by their orphaned stepchild Elissa Ussery, a peak era Edward Furlong stunt double and horror wiz kid. It will be a sexy family affair.

We will be raising money for Raices- The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

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SAT  10/23 | 8PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE (R)

OUTside of Society: A Night of Surreal Grotesque and Monsters in/out of the Closet

Presented by and for OUTsider Fest

Amidst the wanton wickedness of the weekend before All Hallows’ Eve, MOHA and OUTsider present a drive-in screening of 1989’s Society—a film in which the worst of the well-to-do get the terror treatment they deserve! Directed by Filipino-American, Brian Yuzna, Society is wild, body horror ride that unleashes all the absurdity, gore and garish of your ’80s/’90s fantasies/frightmares. A campy-cum-creepout class satire that serves up a frightful “fuck you” to the excesses and exploitations of yuppie culture of yore: With its tongue-in-cheek tagline of “the rich have always feed upon the poor,” Society is an outlandish sendup of status that strikes a startlingly salient note about how truly scary snobbery can be.

In honor of this fabulously frightening flick, in which the camp comes out to play and concealed identities creep their way out of the closet, let’s consider: Are the figures that lurk in the shadows the ones we should fear? Or is it the monsters in broad daylight who pose the most devilish dangers of all? Playing off the petrifying potentialities of evils un/seen, come indulge in a night of fantastical festivities, including a costume contest on the theme of (with due respect to Harry Benshoff) “Monsters in/out of the Closet”—let those deviant imaginations run wild ya vamps! Plus, a macabre music playlist curated by the gayazz ghouls of OUTsider, and other tricks and treats—all culminating in an interactive screening of Society that will set your spine all the way to tingle.

OUTsider is an Austin-based transmedia nonprofit that celebrates the bold originality and creative nonconformity of the LGBTQ+ communities through the presentation of provocative, overlooked and out-of-the-box film, dance, theater, performance art, music, writing and visual art.

Through its annual festival and conference, OUTsider unites queer artists, audiences and scholars from around the globe to exchange ideas, ignite conversations, transcend boundaries and experience new pleasures through artistic discovery.

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THUR  10/28 | 8PM | $20 | FAMILY HOSTILE (R)

Jennifer’s Not Killing People! She’s Killing Boys.

Presented by Amber Wilson for ATX Mental Health Fund

Are you ready for blood, guts, hopelessness and an extra salty prom night, Snowflake Queens? It’s Jennifer’s Body, but what’s actually living in it… What better way to preemptively kick off your Halloween weekend than by seeing Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody’s under-appreciated (IMO) cult classic? Dress like it’s the most important (and possibly last) night of your life by coming in full prom attire for a chance to be crowned demon royalty and win some prizes!

No car? Limited outdoor seating is available! Each socially distanced platform has 4 chairs. Groups that are not remaining inside their car are limited to four people. Please limit mingling between groups. Port-a-potty restrooms will be available.

Amber Wilson was not a prom queen but she is a member of Bottle Alley, a local DIY punk theater company. ATX Mental Health Fund is a nonprofit mutual aid fund that provides direct cash assistance to promote mental healthcare accessibility in Austin, Texas. By providing direct cash assistance to residents of Austin who need help covering expenses related to mental healthcare, ATX Mental Health Fund can increase access to vital mental health services during this difficult time for our community.

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department, The Texas Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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