This is a series of drive-in movies and in-car activities at The Museum of Human Achievement.
Our Mission | An Enjoyable Community Cinematic Experience: Alone but Together in Our Cars.

If you find anything about this programming confusing please reach out via email and we will talk to you! Info at the museumofhumanachievement.com

Cars will tune into a radio station for movie audio and will be provided with a walkie talkie for optional socializing. Ultimately, we’re going to hang out and have a nice time together. Our main rules to remember are car doors shut and windows up.

We plan to continue this programming indefinitely throughout the pandemic.

If you want to present something or rent the drive-in for your friends, click here to inquire.


Keeping everyone safe and healthy while trying to create small moments of joy, community and coming together is our highest priority. Here are the rules we’ve made for ourselves and any attendee.

⚀ No one leaves their car and everyone keeps their windows up.

⚁ In the case of an emergency we will be there for you, but come prepared (use your own bathroom before you come!) to keep your windows up and not leave your vehicle.

⚂ 10 car capacity. We want to have intimate and manageable moments together. It’s likely things will sell out! No tickets sales will be available at the door.


⚃ Everything from tickets to production to each activity will be either running or falling apart by the efforts of only a few people. You’ll meet us (from a distance inside your cars). It’ll be fun.

⚄ No one has to participate in anything, but it would be cool if you did. We’re trying to capture the missing sensation of passing the aux cord.

⚅ Together we will watch at least one full length movie or media that’s movie length each night but will not explicitly be saying what that movie is in advance. You can reach out to ask us for more info!

⚅ ⚀ We acknowledge that is a bummer to have an event that is so car-centric and apologies to all of our non-car friends. If we see wild success in our drive-ins, domes are our next step.

You can reach out to ask for more information via email – info at themuseumofhumanachievement.com


Use this guide as a key to decipher all the event titles below

Edward Snowed In

w/😐✂️👐 (dissed orchard swans) 


EDWARD SNOWED IN <– *Event Title*
SELF HAIRCUT DAY <– *Activity*
😐✂️👐  <– *Emoji Movie Hint*
(dissed orchard swans) <– *Anagram Movie Hint*

Solution = Everyone gives themselves haircuts and watches Edward Scissorhands (*we’re not doing this but it seems fun!)



TUE  3/2 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY



Alright it’s Texas Independence Day and we’re gonna have a few people way smarter than me talk about what that means with in the context of like, everything. And then we’re gonna slam our way through a killer smorgasbord of Texan media including the bio pic about the beloved pop singer expertly portrayed by Jennifer Lopez, the Mike Judge cartoon about the propane man, an episode of the of the big Friday football show, and hopefully something by Robert Rodriguez I’m really hoping he has directed something short!! Somewhere in there we’re bound to throw in some Tuesday night caraoke! Texas tracks only!!!!

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WED  3/3 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


w/ ​🤪 ⏭️⛈️🏟️ vs 🐖➡️🌆 (Muddy Batman Hexed Doormen vs. Epic Tithing, Abbey!)

It’s George Miller’s birthday and it all comes full circle! Our final thunderdome of this series, the titular thunderdome!! See George Miller’s classic road warrior, Tina Turner infused, fever dream go up against Miller’s classic pig moves to city romp! Both our sequels, neither are fleequels. Who will survive… The Thunderdome!!

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THUR  3/4 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13)


w/ ​👽🚀🗽🇺🇸 (Epic Deed, Nanny Ed!)

It’s speech night baby!! In celebration of National Grammar Day we’re hosting our first ever Speech Karaoke night!! That’s right, pick the pieces of your broken brain off the fucking floor and then check it out! It’s like karaoke but instead of all our favorite songs, it’s all of our favorite speeches from movies! You text Zac a youtube link to the speech you want to do, we project it with the audio muted and the subtitles on and you give the speech through your freshly sanitized walkie talkie! You could throw down your best Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator repenting speech, channel that Henry V energy and do the William Wallace Braveheart one while pretending you’ve got a cool horse to giddyup, or do like, literally any sports movie halftime locker room rally speech! Then we’re gonna watch the extremely good Will Smith / Jeff Goldblum alien movie and when the president does THE speech we’ll all do it together!!

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FRI  3/5 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY INDIFFERENT (PG-13)


w/ ​😠👩‍❤️‍👩 (Malingers)

Oooo baby it’s World Math’s Day!!!!! And you know where we are?!? On the dang world so you know we simply must celebrate!!! Join us for our first ever MoHA Math Olympiad!!! This won’t be no Good Will Hunting giant equation solve for what the heck type thing!! We’re exploring all areas of math and everything that it seems math could be!!! It won’t be that hard it will be fun as hell and there will be certificates for Gold, Silver, and Math Bronze!! Then we’re gonna watch a really sweet and wonderful movie about Lindsay Lohan doing math and Rachel McAdams doing actually I can’t remember her deal in this movie I just think she’s wonderful so I wanted to mention she’s in it too!!

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SAT  3/6 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


w/ 🕘to🕔 + ​💼​📈​👧🏻​(Finite Oven + Growling Irk)

Parting is such sweet sorrow unless it’s fun as hell which it freaking is gonna be!!! Our last night together for this round so you know what that means!!! It’s Car Drag 2, dog!!!!! Decorate / transform your car into any other kind of vehicle, anything that moves, or really any object, and strut your stuff down our big runway!! It’s the drag so nice we’re doing it twice with the following very good addition: Pre-show vanity photos! Show up early (Like 6:15) and pull up to our beautiful sequined backdrop for a very cool in car photoshoot! We’ll email you your pictures!! It’s the last night and it’s Employee Appreciation day, so stick around for a wondrous double feature about women working for certain hours!! Up first we got Dolly Parton doing her thing in the movie that’s title is mostly numbers! Then I feel like we’ll probably do Caraoke for a second? Up last we got Sigourney Weaver vs. Melanie Griffith in a battle to see who can become Harrison Ford I think tbh it’s been a while!! Dang that’s a night y’all!!! We’ll see you next time!! Which is probably very soon! Zac will be here but I’ll be back in TN! I miss you already!!

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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